We envisioned an experience with your security panel that mirrored the one you have with your smartphone. Secure yourself with our encrypted technology that swipes with the wave of your finger. It's time to raise your IQ.MMMM

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5MP built-in camera

A tiny space houses some of the most sophisticated technology we’ve ever developed, including the cameras and sensors that enable Face ID.

The 7 inch HD touchscreen displays your personal photos. Create a beautiful display that you can update with images of your favorite people, places and memories.  

QS9201-1200-840 (Panel only, Verizon LTE)
QK9201-AD0C-840 (Panel, 3 Mini Door/Window Sensors, Motion Sensor, Verizon LTE)
QK9202-AD0C-840 (Panel, 3 Mini Door/Window Sensors, Motion Sensor, AT&T LTE)